Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today my friends... We go to Morocco


Big week... I have just moved into the most delicious house right on the clifftop, it's an all white (surprise surprise) 60's beach house, complete with the most amazing view & opposite us there is even an old castle (not lying)... Stay tuned in the next couple of days as our "Love Shack" is getting a photo shoot!!! CUTE!!!!!

So... Seeing as it is Cold, Raining & just so god damn depressing... I decided that I am in desperate need of a little 'Mental getaway'.. I thought I would take us all to Morocco... Well it is helping me meditate thinking of being somewhere that does not involve Ugg boots, Cabin fever or contemplating a Snuggie Wrap to keep toasty...

Some of these pictures are taken from a Boutique Guest House in Marrakesh called "Peacock Pavilions"  .. Oh how I wish I could stay there.. Or even just walk into the reception area!


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